Hello. I'm Ben. Or B17Z.

I am a software engineer with a penchant for cool design, blockchain, and data science. I love trying to make cool stuff with/for people.

Current Work: Lightning Capital

I created a momentum based trading algorithm that I am building out into a full stack trading bot for Lightning Capital, a hedgefund for blockchain related assets.

Lightning Capital

Program Obscura

Come with me on my (mis) adventures through the digital world. Program Obscura is a GoHugo based blog where I write about technology, reflections on technology or my adventures with building new things.

Program Obscura


I love reading books. I think I have a problem because I just keep buying new books. My room is half library half server. Anyway checkout out my bookstand project. It's a virtual bookshelf that I am slowly building into something more.


You've read this far so here's some more about me: I really love learning, building, and experimenting with new things in technology. Creating things is such a cathartic experience. After experimentation, I learn best current practices to lead to long term, scalable and maintainable projects. Are you happy I didn't use many buzzwords?


And if you care to know about my life outside development: I love to teach; I love to go to museums and art galleries; I'm a foodie; I do film photography; I'm a comicbook nerd; I love to watch The Expanse, Westworld and just got into Game of Thrones. Hopefully, I don't bore you.

PS: If you're wondering about B17Z: My real name is Bienvenido Rodriguez and there are 17 letters between the B and Z and B17Z looks like "Bits", a computer science term. Heh.